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  • Read LEARN MORE, Learn More Indiana’s student success publication, and complete the activities. All students should receive a copy at school, or visit to download an online version.
  • Research high school diploma options at or your school district’s website. Keep in mind that many colleges require the Core 40 diploma with Academic Honors, and that technical programs and apprenticeships may want you to have the Core 40 with Technical Honors.
  • Sign up for 21st Century Scholars at, if your family meets income eligibility requirements. Scholars who complete a graduation and success pledge earn up to four years of tuition at an Indiana college.
  • Review and update your high school Graduation Plan with your school counselor. You can access the Grad Plan online on your Indiana Career Explorer account under “My Portfolio”.
  • Analyze your test scores, and commit to working hard in subjects where you struggle. Pay attention in class, ask for help and set aside time to study.

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