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College Students

  • File your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at by March 10 to maintain financial aid eligibility if you will be in college in the fall. Make sure to submit any updates (such as actual instead of estimated tax information) by May 15.
  • 15 to Finish: Take at least 15 credit hours per semester to graduate on time, if you’re a full-time, four-year college student. No matter what degree you’re seeking, make a college completion plan with your academic advisor. See for more helpful information.
  • Save with summer school. Sign up for summer classes to shorten your time to degree, or see if your campus other on-time completion incentives like tuition breaks or tuition freezes.
  • Commit to a college major. Changing your college major costs time and money, so visit your campus advising center if you need help finding the right fit.
  • Borrow wisely, if you need to use student loans to finance your education. Learn about repaying responsibly and get tips on borrowing from

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