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Grade 10

  • Read LEARN MORE, Learn More Indiana’s student success publication, and complete the activities. All students should receive a copy at school, or visit to download an online version.
  • Calculate college costs with the Indiana College Costs Estimator and related resources at
  • Review and update your high school graduation plan to make sure you’re on track. Remember that good grades can help you earn merit-based financial aid for college. Don’t slack off now!
  • Take the PSAT (free for sophomores!) and start studying for the SAT and/or ACT. Sign up for an emailed SAT “Word of the Day” at, take a practice test on the weekends and brush up on your math skills.
  • Contribute to an Indiana CollegeChoice 529 College Savings Plan (or another savings account for college). Learn more about the tax benefits of a 529 Plan at

View a printer-friendly checklist here.