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Grade 12

  • Read Next Indiana, Learn More Indiana’s student success publication for high school juniors and seniors and complete the activities. All students should receive a copy at school or visit to download an online version.
  • File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 10 at to be considered for state financial aid. If you don’t have your tax information by March 10, file with estimated information and make any corrections by May 15. [NOTE: If you’re a 21st Century Scholar, March 10 is also the deadline to complete your Senior Affirmation at]
  • Apply for scholarships. Start with resources available at
  • Keep your grades up. Most scholarships—or even your college admission—are conditional upon your senior year grades.

  • Borrow wisely. If you need to use student loans to finance your education, learn about repaying responsibly and get tips on borrowing from

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