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Prescription drug abuse is a growing epidemic affecting all manner of people, from the all-star student -athlete, to the corporate executive to the single mother. No age, race, social class or geographic location is above the dangers of prescription drug abuse or misuse. These stories provide a glimpse into the impact that prescription drug abuse and misuse has had on the lives of local Indiana residents.


“Sobriety is the Best High”


“Too Close to The Supply”


“My Two Pills”

Those impacted by the effects of prescription drug abuse and misuse may help make a difference in a fellow Hoosier’s life by sharing their story and experience. Please consider submitting your story. Every story matters.

UPON CONSENT issued for the various media, these true stories will be collected and utilized/reformatted for medium appropriateness. The goal is to create a diverse tapestry of the faces in Indiana affected by prescription drug abuse with the intent to minimize its impact for all Hoosiers and their loved ones. Thank you for considering volunteering to share your story and consent to use it publicly in a way that honors its intent.
I hereby release my image, likeness and the sound of my voice, and/or words, as recorded for use in a video documentary. I agree that the footage may be edited and used, in whole or in part, in all media, including, but not limited to, audio and production video cassettes, CD‐ROM, DVD, Internet, radio, television, satellite and cable broadcast, print, and for all other related purposes in perpetuity throughout the state of Indiana.
I consent to the use of my name, likeness, voice and basic biographical information in connection with the distribution and promotion of the attached “Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Campaign”. I understand this is a volunteer basis and I will not receive payment of any kind for the sharing of this information.
I expressly release THE STATE OF INDIANA / OFFICE OF INDIANA ATTORNEY GENERAL/ AND THEIR AFFILIATED ASSOCIATES, from any defamation and other claims I may have arising out of the above‐described materials and hereby waive all rights to inspect and approve the finished product or its use.
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