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Making more people aware of the problem of prescription drug abuse is an important step in breaking the chain of dependency.

When more family members, friends, employers and clergy can recognize the symptoms of abuse, more drug-dependent Hoosiers can be referred to the help they need.

When more school administrators, coaches and parents are made aware of the problem of diversion ― and what to do when they have evidence of someone sharing or selling prescription drugs ― we can better stem the flow of painkillers, tranquilizers and stimulants into our communities.

When more physicians, emergency room staff and pharmacists become alert to the signs of drug seeking in patients, fewer unnecessary prescriptions will be written, and fewer unnecessary pills and patches will be used by people who don’t really need them.

You’ve already taken the first step to become part of the solution to prescription drug abuse. Unlike many Hoosiers, you’re aware that there’s a problem with prescription drug abuse and misuse here in Indiana, and nationwide.

Whether you’ve come here to learn more about prescription abuse, to get help for yourself or someone you love, or to find a speaker to help educate others, the Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force can help.