A key priority of the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force is advancing legislation to help combat the problem of prescription drug abuse and diversion. The committees that comprise the Rx Task Force are committed to studying and developing policies aimed to reduce the devastating impact prescription drug abuse has on Hoosier families and communities. Click on the links below to view state legislation that has been implemented as a result of these efforts.

2017 Legislative Session

HB 1541 Addiction Treatment Teams

Adds a definition of "medication assisted treatment". Specifies: (1) providers that must be included as part of; and (2) services that must be provided by; an addiction treatment team. Establishes reimbursement for addiction treatment teams from health and addiction forensic treatment services grants. Allows addiction treatment teams to provide services in temporary locations and mobile units in specified conditions.

SB 226  Prescribing and Dispensing of Opioids

Limits the amount of an opioid prescription a prescriber may issue for: (1) an adult who is being prescribed an opioid for the first time; and (2) a child; unless the prescription is for the treatment of specified conditions or circumstances. Requires documentation in the use of certain exemptions. Requires a prescriber to issue a prescription for an opioid in a lesser amount if requested by specified individuals and to document the request. Requires a pharmacist, upon the request of a specified individual, to partially fill the opioid prescription in compliance with federal law. Requires the pharmacist to document that the opioid prescription was partially filled. Requires the medical licensing board, in consultation with specified persons, to adopt emergency rules and rules concerning conditions that will be exempt from the prescription limitations.

SB 408 INSPECT Program

Adds a definition of the Indiana board of pharmacy (board) for purposes of the INSPECT program. Requires the board to report, before December 1, 2017, to the legislative council concerning grants or funding received and applied for by the state for integration of the INSPECT program data base with electronic health records. Urges the legislative council to assign to the appropriate study committee the topic of potential improvements to the INSPECT program.

SB 499 Opioid Addiction

Provides that, after approval of the Indiana commission to combat drug abuse (commission), the division of mental health and addiction (division) shall establish a three year opioid treatment pilot program (pilot program) for opioid abuse disorder in Tippecanoe, Marion, and Wayne counties. Establishes the criteria for the program. Requires the division to collect data and issue a report to the legislative council on the pilot program. Specifies that certain persons: (1) charged with or convicted of a drug offense; and (2) who received an overdose intervention drug for an acute opioid overdose; are entitled to priority admission in a forensic diversion program, a pretrial diversion program, or another program, including a drug court program, offering treatment for persons with addictive disorders.