Phone Numbers

Office of the Auditor of State of Indiana
200 West Washington Street Suite 240
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone 317-232-3300
Fax 317-234-1916
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Name Title Phone Number Email
Tera Klutz, CPA State Auditor 317-232-3300
Staci Schneider Chief of Staff/ Deputy Auditor 317-233-6010
Courtney Everett Deputy Auditor, Finance 317-233-9817
Brent Plunkett Deputy Auditor, Operations 317-232-3299
Jared Bond Comm Mgr/Public Relations Officer 317-232-3301
Kendra Leatherman Legislative Director 317-234-9788
Mary Reilly Director of Accounts Payable 317-233-5763
Kathy Frick Assistant Director of Accounts Payable 317-232-4736
Jessica Gillum Vendor Administrator 317-232-3302
Maegan Otten Vendor Administrator 317-233-2674
  Director of Settlements 317-232-3309  
Clay Jackson Director of Finance (Reporting and General Ledger) 317-232-3328
Paula Hart Director of Payroll 317-232-4277
Shannon Bay Assistant Director of Payroll 317-232-3324
Kristy Piche Payroll Analyst 317-233-3314 kpiche'
Suzie Kent HR Manager 317-503-7863

Mel Hirtzel Director of Information Systems 317-234-1626
Beth Memmer Director of Purchasing/Contracts 317-232-3307



You may also download a copy of the Auditor of State Telephone Directory in PDF or CSV format.