Tax Sale Blight Registry

Welcome to the Blight Registry, provided by the Indiana Office of the Attorney General. On this website, you can verify the eligibility of potential participants at county tax sales. If a person or organization disagrees with the search results, please have them contact the county of infraction.

The Indiana General Assembly established the Tax Sale Blight Registry through Senate Enrolled Act 422 (2014) and Senate Enrolled Act 415 (2015) to take effect July 1, 2015.  The registry is intended to be a centralized resource and tool for county officials to identify those individuals and businesses determined to be ineligible to participate in county tax sales, as described by IC 6-1.1-24-5.3, based on failure to pay taxes, special assessments, or local code violations fines, or failure to comply with an unsafe building order or vacant structure enforcement order in any county in Indiana.

County participation in the registry is voluntary, and all counties may not be represented.  The OAG will continue to collaborate with county officials to achieve as close to 100% participation as possible in an effort to provide all available data.  The registry relies on the reporting accuracy, and frequency with which the data is submitted.

Please click here for the Tax Sale Blight Registry.