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The Statewide Cultural District Program is not currently accepting applications. This program traditionally accepts applications every other year and is set to open again in Fall 2018.

Program Overview

A cultural district is a well-recognized, labeled, mixed-use area of a community in which high concentrations of cultural assets serve as the anchor. Indiana Statewide Cultural Districts seek to make Indiana stronger through the arts and culture. Indiana Statewide Cultural Districts support community life and economic vitality.

Currently there is no funding associated with Statewide Cultural District designation. Benefits of the program include: increased tourism marketing and economic activities that come with being part of a branded program with a statewide emphasis; counseling and coaching from the Indiana Arts Commission; and the opportunity for Statewide Cultural Districts to apply for highway signage.

Once a cultural district receives a Statewide Cultural District designation, the designation will last for the duration of the program unless the cultural district fails to comply with annual reporting requirements or the IAC Board of Commissioners determines the cultural district to no longer be viable for the community. Acceptance into the program signifies an ongoing commitment to the development and sustainability of the cultural district. Required annual reports will allow the IAC to assess the economic and community impact of the cultural district on the city, town or larger area it serves.

Review the 2017 Statewide Cultural District Guidelines Here
Annual Report Due February 9, 2018, 4:30 p.m. EDT

Eligibility and Criteria

Prior to applying, it is essential to completely understand ALL of the following requirements.  You must be able and willing to fulfill every requirement listed to be eligible for the Statewide Cultural District program. 

Applicant requirements and restrictions:

  1. The applicant MUST be the municipal government (city government, or if none exists, the county government, or both applicable governments if applying jointly) of the area in which the proposed cultural district is located. 
  2. Applicants must have a local cultural district designation by the governmental body in which the district is located.  The designation can be in process when the application is submitted but evidence of completion must be submitted before a state designation is officially given.
  3. Two or more cities, towns or counties that extend across a common boundary may apply jointly for statewide cultural district designation.  The above two requirements must still be met.
Review Indiana Cultural District Criteria Here

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