Community Consultancies

Consultancies have included:

  • Cultural district developmeni
  • Art center and housing development
  • Cultural trail development
  • Community arts partnerships with other sectors

Eighteen such consultancies have occurred since 2012, full list below. New in 2017, communities that attended the From the Ground Up workshop are eligible for the new Open Scene Consultancy.

Community Project
Lawrence Collaboratively created a Cultural District Development Plan; 2014, 60 hours.
Developed a comprehensive strategy for supporting and promoting the arts within the community; 2014, 60 hours.
Developed and implemented an inclusive planning process to create an arts development and sustainability plan; 2014, 60 hours.
Solidified the Mayor’s Taskforce for Cultural Development, and established a common vision for cultural development, and developed asset and marketing for culture in Evansville; 2014, 60 hours.
Solidified the recently formed Madison Area Arts Alliance so that it will be able to sustainably advance its mission at the close of the engagement; 2014, 60 hours.
Terre Haute
Established boundaries for a cultural arts district and develop a sustainable, and achievable plan that aligns with city and regional cultural arts and economic growth goals; 2014, 60 hours.
Advanced the Shelby Cultural Arts Team as a body, and its planning for a center; 2014, 15 hours.
Led community through plan development for a potential combined senior center/arts facility; 2012, 60 hours.
Identified, developed, and established strategies for gaining cultural district support from leadership and community; 2014, 15 hours.
The consultant developed a planning group, and guided the group to develop a comprehensive plan for forming a cultural district.  At the close of the consultancy, the group presented the plan to the Zionsville Town Council which passed a resolution to formally designate the “Zionsville Cultural District”; 2012, 60 hours.
Collaboratively developed a Nashville Arts and Entertainment Commission arts development plan; 2014, 15 hours.
This consultancy helped to formalize the Nashville cultural district by defining the Nashville Arts Commission, district vision, identifying boundaries and cultural/economic assets, and by developing sustainability and evaluation plans; 2012, 60 hours
Developed structural prototypes for how Muncie Arts and Culture can effectively work with City government to advance their mutually shared goals; 2014, 15 hours.
In a series of facilitated working meetings the consultant led an expanded the Muncie Arts and Culture Council Board of Directors in the development of a strategic plan for 2013-2015; 2012, 60 hours
Ligonier’s consultant led a community-wide effort that identified and expanded a cultural brand for Ligonier; 2012, 60 hours.
Fort Wayne
Developed a detailed plan for capturing public input on the cultural district plan, and developed a timeline and plan for implementing major initiatives over the following 24 months; 2012, 60 hours.
Consultant led stakeholders through a series of community engagement meetings from which input was integrated into next steps for the district; 2012, 60 hours.
The consultancy enabled the community to determine an Arts and Education Center was not feasible due to lack of resources and community interest, however, a strengthening of artistic community resources resulted; 2012, 60 hours.