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Contact: Angela Coats
Phone: 317.232.4789
For Immediate Release: Sep 29, 2006

At a press conference at BioTown, USA, today Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman announced a $1.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to Indiana's Office of Energy and Defense Development to fund E85 fueling stations along I-65 in Indiana.

The DOE money was made available through the Clean Cities Program. Indiana will work in a leadership capacity with states not currently equipped with biofuel infrastructure to expand the use and ultimately establish E85 ethanol fueling stations from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast.

"This funding will help Indiana continue to make E85 more readily available and increase our use of homegrown energy to power our vehicles," said Lt. Governor Becky Skillman, who also oversees the Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Development. "The strong federal support shown through this grant reflects Indiana's commitment to the use of alternative transportation fuels. By partnering with Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama, we will bring biofuels onto the national stage and share resources to help make the nation less dependent on foreign oil."

The announcement was made today during the grand opening of the new BioIsland in Reynolds, Indiana. Lt. Governor Becky Skillman and other key partners were on hand for the major event. The BioIsland fueling station makes both E85 ethanol and B20 biodiesel available to all area residents.

In January 2005, the state had no public E85 pumps. Thanks to the Daniels-Skillman administration, BioTown's new E85 pump marks number forty-one, surpassing the 2006 goal of forty. And that number is rapidly increasing with the addition of eighteen new E85 pumps and one new biodiesel blending facility being funded through the DOE Clean Cities Grant.

"Indiana has taken significant strides to increase the use of biofuels," said Brandon Seitz, Energy Division Manager for OED. "The state has become a leader in the production of biofuels, and now we are quickly developing the infrastructure to allow all Hoosiers more options at the pump."

The grant recipients are:

City Type Interstate/Exit Number

Cambridge City E85 70 / 137

Columbus E85 65 / 68

Demotte E85 65 / 230 - 2 retailers

Gary E85 80-90 / 14

Hobart E85 65 / 255

Howe E85 80-90 / 121

Indianapolis E85 65 / 121

Indianapolis E85 65 / 107

Indianapolis E85 65 / 103

Lafayette E85 65 / 172

Lake County B100 TBD

Merrillville E85 65 / 253

Michigan City E85 94 / 40

Porter E85 94 / 22

Remington E85 65 / 201

Rensselaer E85 65 / 215

Scottsburg E85 65 / 29 S

Taylorsville E85 65 / 76

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