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Dec 29 [GOV2] Governor's program to tackle achievement gap in Indiana youngsters (view)
Dec 28 [GOV2] Governor reappoints David Hadley to IURC (view)
Dec 28 [GOV2] Supporting education proposals documents (view)
Dec 28 [GOV2] Daniels, Reed introduce proposals to give schools more flexibility, allocate more resources to student instruction (view)
Dec 20 [GOV2] State employees to receive 2 percent general salary increase in 2006 (view)
Dec 20 [GOV2] Governor's Letter to State Employees (view)
Dec 15 [GOV2] Governor announces $10 million allocation for Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (view)
Dec 14 [GOV2] Governor Daniels announces joint bid with Illinois for $1 billion FutureGen Clean Coal Project (view)
Dec 14 [GOV2] Governor Daniels to sign agreements to protect Great Lakes water (view)
Dec 13 [GOV2] Governor announces Help Thy Neighbor Heating Fund (view)
Dec 12 [GOV2] Secretary of Commerce Pat Miller to resume duties at Vera Bradley (view)
Dec 02 [GOV2] Governor Daniels appoints Vincennes University trustees (view)
Nov 28 [GOV2] Governor unveils Colts license plate, announces unique online auction (view)
Nov 28 [GOV2] Colts License Plate Unveiled (view)
Nov 23 [GOV2] Governor Daniels appoints northwest Indiana leader to Ethics Commission (view)
Nov 22 [GOV2] Governor appoints two new judges (view)
Nov 22 [GOV2] Taiwan donates $50,000 to tornado relief efforts (view)
Nov 21 [GOV2] Governor requests federal assistance for 11 additional Indiana counties; declares state of emergency (view)
Nov 17 [GOV2] Indiana Government Center Complex to go smoke free (view)
Nov 16 [GOV2] Governor signs executive order to expedite business reconstruction in Vanderburgh, Warrick counties (view)
Nov 15 [GOV2] Governor leads state charge to help Hoosiers with new Medicare prescription drug benefit (view)
Nov 14 [GOV2] Governor appoints six county judges (view)
Nov 10 [GOV2] Massa to become general counsel to Governor Daniels (view)
Nov 10 [GOV2] Governor signs executive order to help state employees affected by Southwestern Indiana storms (view)
Nov 09 [GOV2] State signs contract with Blue Sky Casino (view)
Nov 08 [GOV2] Irving Materials, Inc., makes escrow payment related to price-fixing investigation (view)
Nov 08 [GOV2] President Bush signs disaster declaration for Southwest Indiana (view)
Nov 07 [GOV2] Governor requests federal assistance for Southwest Indiana; declares state of emergency (view)
Nov 06 [GOV2] Statement and synopsis of Governor Mitch Daniels' trip to Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties to visit tornado-damaged areas (view)
Nov 04 [GOV2] Lake, Porter counties meet ozone air quality standards; state to ask for ozone redesignation (view)
Nov 04 [GOV2] Indiana State Prison recommended for accreditation (view)
Nov 03 [GOV2] Fort Wayne B20 soy biodiesel fueling station opens (view)
Nov 01 [GOV2] I-Light2 gets go-ahead (view)
Oct 25 [GOV2] Statement from Gov. Mitch Daniels about U.S. Dept. of Transportation announcement issued regarding Indiana Time Zones (view)
Oct 17 [GOV2] New Aviation Division will streamline aircraft operations, reduce costs (view)
Oct 13 [GOV2] Governor urges Hoosiers to prepare for winter (view)
Oct 13 [GOV2] Governor expands Energy Assistance Program reach (view)
Oct 12 [GOV2] State's methamphetamine initiatives showing results (view)
Oct 11 [GOV2] Governor names new members of Indiana State Board of Education (view)
Oct 07 [GOV2] Bruce A. Hartman named State Examiner (view)
Oct 06 [GOV2] First quarter revenue projections flat (view)
Sep 27 [GOV2] Governor denies Matheney clemency request (view)
Sep 27 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 25 (view)
Sep 26 [GOV2] Governor's "Major Moves" News Conference Statement (view)
Sep 26 [GOV2] Governor Daniels announces Major Moves for Indiana transportation (view)
Sep 26 [GOV2] New News Release (view)
Sep 26 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 24 (view)
Sep 23 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 21 (view)
Sep 22 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 20 (view)
Sep 21 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 19 (view)
Sep 20 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 18 (view)
Sep 20 [GOV2] Governor appoints Carroll Circuit Court Judge (view)
Sep 19 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 17 (view)
Sep 16 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 14 (view)
Sep 16 [GOV2] Recent boards and commissions appointments (view)
Sep 15 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 13 (view)
Sep 14 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 12 (view)
Sep 13 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 11 (view)
Sep 13 [GOV2] Governor supports proposed Crossroads project (view)
Sep 12 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 10 (view)
Sep 09 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 7 (view)
Sep 08 [GOV2] Governor Daniels auctions 1,000th surplus vehicle, announces reduction of state aircraft fleet (view)
Sep 08 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 6 (view)
Sep 07 [GOV2] Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 5 (view)
Sep 06 [GOV2] County, local income tax distributions projected higher for 2006 (view)
Sep 02 [GOV2] Asian gifts displayed in State House (view)
Sep 01 [GOV2] Governor makes appointment to Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (view)
Aug 24 [GOV2] Governor joins Fort Wayne officials for jobs announcement (view)
Aug 23 [GOV2] Governor names two to Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (view)
Aug 19 [GOV2] Governor issues six-month performance report (view)
Aug 18 [GOV2] Governor announces miner training initiative (view)
Aug 17 [GOV2] Governor appoints Kaczmarek to Port Commission (view)
Aug 12 [GOV2] Gov. Daniels announces Taiwanese agricultural delegation to visit Indiana (view)
Aug 11 [GOV2] Governor appoints LaPorte Superior Court Judge (view)
Aug 10 [GOV2] Governor Daniels uses Pentagon meeting to promote Crane (view)
Aug 10 [GOV2] U.S. Department of Transportation publishes time zone notice (view)
Aug 10 [GOV2] Governor Daniels testifies before BRAC Commission (view)
Aug 08 [GOV2] Lugar, Daniels lead Indiana contingent before BRAC Commission (view)
Aug 03 [GOV2] Governor Daniels and state delegation visit Indiana's sister-state (view)
Aug 01 [GOV2] Governor Daniels promotes Indiana for Taiwanese investment and exports (view)
Jul 30 [GOV2] Economic development delegation departs for Asia (view)
Jul 29 [GOV2] Governor appoints Executive Director for White River State Park (view)
Jul 29 [GOV2] Recent boards and commissions appointments (view)
Jul 29 [GOV2] Governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction Appoint Education Roundtable Members (view)
Jul 27 [GOV2] Governor names higher education leaders (view)
Jul 22 [GOV2] Largest group in Indiana history joins Governor to attract jobs and investment from East Asia (view)
Jul 20 [GOV2] Governor appoints Wabash Superior Court Judge (view)
Jul 19 [GOV2] Governor and Lt. Governor launch new Web sites (view)
Jul 19 [GOV2] Indiana joins efforts to increase high school graduation rates (view)
Jul 18 [GOV2] Statement from Governor Mitch Daniels about Department of Transportation letter regarding Indiana time zones (view)
Jul 18 [GOV2] Letter from U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta (view)
Jul 15 [GOV2] IURC Nominating Committee to Re-Open Application Period (view)
Jul 15 [GOV2] IURC regulator named to lead Department of Financial Institutions (view)
Jul 15 [GOV2] Indiana receives national grant for high school science education (view)
Jul 15 [GOV2] Indiana closes Fiscal Year 2005 books (view)
Jul 13 [GOV2] Governor Daniels asks Hoosiers to get "INShape Indiana" (view)
Jul 08 [GOV2] President Bush to attend Black Expo event on July 14 (view)
Jul 06 [GOV2] Recent Boards and Commissions Appointments (view)
Jul 01 [GOV2] Governor Announces Meth Free Indiana Coalition (view)
Jul 01 [GOV2] Recent Boards and Commissions Appointments (view)
Jun 29 [GOV2] State's credit outlook improves (view)
Jun 29 [GOV2] Governor appoints chair of Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (view)
Jun 16 [GOV2] Governor encourages use of Rx for Indiana program during Lawrenceburg visit (view)
Jun 13 [GOV2] Review requested by the governor prompts DWD to change timing of unemployment eligibility for teachers (view)
Jun 13 [GOV2] Eight selected as Governorís Fellows (view)
Jun 10 [GOV2] State, City reach resolution on Colts funding issue (view)
Jun 10 [GOV2] Governor introduces new Buy Indiana policy (view)
Jun 08 [GOV2] IURC Nominating Committee accepting applications for commission (view)
Jun 07 [GOV2] Recent boards and commissions appointments (view)
Jun 01 [GOV2] Recent boards and commissions appointments (view)
May 29 [GOV2] Indiana Is First State to Join America Supports You Team (view)
May 24 [GOV2] Governor rejects clemency request by Gregory Scott Johnson (view)
May 20 [GOV2] Governor's letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding Daylight Saving Time (view)
May 18 [GOV2] State issues guidance on K-12 school construction projects (view)
May 17 [GOV2] Daniels appoints Klipsch executive director of Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority (view)
May 16 [GOV2] Governor's veto message regarding SEA 218 (view)
May 16 [GOV2] Governor's veto message regarding HEA 1142 (view)
May 13 [GOV2] Official statement by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels about the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) announcement (view)
May 12 [GOV2] Governor signs bill authorizing tax amnesty (view)
May 12 [GOV2] Governor signs act creating Department of Child Services (view)
May 11 [GOV2] Governor Daniels signs key economic development bill (view)
May 11 [GOV2] Governor signs ethics, Inspector General bill (view)
May 11 [GOV2] Governor signs legislation authorizing NW Regional Development Authority, Colts stadium/convention center project (view)
May 10 [GOV2] Governor strengthens state's fight against meth (view)
May 09 [GOV2] Governor signs Clean Indiana Energy legislation (view)
May 06 [GOV2] Daniels announces two state authority appointments (view)
May 05 [GOV2] Governor makes Rx for Indiana announcement in South Bend (view)
May 04 [GOV2] Governor announces first Senior Adviser for Latino Affairs (view)
May 04 [GOV2] Spanish language Rx for Indiana website continues success (view)
May 02 [GOV2] Economic growth package leads governor's successful legislative agenda (view)
Apr 29 [GOV2] Governor Daniels' letter regarding SEA 512 (view)
Apr 28 [GOV2] Governor's veto message regarding HEA 1224 (view)
Apr 27 [GOV2] Governor names appointees to IURC Nominating Committee (view)
Apr 25 [GOV2] Governor Daniels signs bill creating Department of Agriculture (view)
Apr 25 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-21 (view)
Apr 21 [GOV2] Governor Mitch Daniels' news conference remarks about proposed Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (view)
Apr 21 [GOV2] Governor announces agreement on Northwest Indiana economic development initiative (view)
Apr 20 [GOV2] Rx for Indiana update (view)
Apr 14 [GOV2] Prosecutor named to Lake Superior Court bench (view)
Apr 14 [GOV2] Governor Daniels signed the following bills today (view)
Apr 13 [GOV2] Governor names director of Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (view)
Apr 13 [GOV2] Governor names former judge to Ethics Commission post (view)
Apr 12 [GOV2] Governor focuses efforts on combating meth labs (view)
Apr 08 [GOV2] Governor encourages Hispanic/Latino community to use Rx for Indiana program (view)
Apr 07 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-20 (view)
Apr 01 [GOV2] Governor Daniels announces fuel donation for RV 1 and signs biofuel bill (view)
Apr 01 [GOV2] Rx for Indiana success continues (view)
Mar 28 [GOV2] Governor orders flags at half-staff (view)
Mar 24 [GOV2] Governor names leaders for OUCC and Health Professions Bureau (view)
Mar 24 [GOV2] Correction: Rx for Indiana results (view)
Mar 18 [GOV2] Legislation advancing governorís energy policy moves forward (view)
Mar 18 [GOV2] Rx for Indiana off to fast start (view)
Mar 11 [GOV2] Governor names new Homeland Security executive director (view)
Mar 11 [GOV2] Moores named Marion County Judge (view)
Mar 11 [GOV2] Governor appoints judges for Wayne, Clay counties (view)
Mar 09 [GOV2] New design for RV One selected (view)
Mar 08 [GOV2] David J. Adams named Director of PERF (view)
Mar 08 [GOV2] Governor introduces new program for Hoosiers to access information about free and low-cost prescription medication (view)
Mar 07 [GOV2] Daniels names Dr. Judy Monroe State Health Commissioner, Medical Director of Medicaid (view)
Mar 02 [GOV2] Governor names IEDC board members (view)
Feb 23 [GOV2] Governor Daniels accepts record $19 million from Bush Administration to help thousands of homeless Hoosiers (view)
Feb 22 [GOV2] Commissioners selected for Revenue, Insurance (view)
Feb 15 [GOV2] Governor Daniels to conduct Black History Month observance (view)
Feb 14 [GOV2] Former Colorado Supreme Court justice named executive director of Indiana Civil Rights Commission (view)
Feb 11 [GOV2] Governor praises Military Base Protection Act (view)
Feb 09 [GOV2] Governor Daniels signs economic development bill into law (view)
Feb 08 [GOV2] Governor Daniels endorses presidentís proposed reforms for flexibility and responsiveness in workforce training (view)
Feb 07 [GOV2] Warren resident named director of Department of Veterans Affairs (view)
Feb 04 [GOV2] Governor proposes reorganization of homeland security, emergency management efforts (view)
Feb 01 [GOV2] Parker-Sawyers named director of new Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (view)
Jan 21 [GOV2] President Bush signs disaster declaration for 62 Indiana counties hit by ice, snow and floods (view)
Jan 20 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-19 (view)
Jan 14 [GOV2] Governor Daniels asks President Bush to issue flooding emergency declaration for 64 counties (view)
Jan 13 [GOV2] Governor Daniels fills top posts for Gaming, Lottery (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-18 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-17 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-16 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-15 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-14 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-13 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-12 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-11 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-10 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-09 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-08 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-07 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-06 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-05 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-04 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-03 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-02 (view)
Jan 12 [GOV2] Executive Order 05-01 (view)
Jan 11 [GOV2] Governor Daniels signs executive orders to create Department of Child Services, rescind collective bargaining agreements (view)
Jan 10 [GOV2] Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. inaugurated as Indianaís 49th governor (view)

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