Indiana State Police - Limited Criminal History Search

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Office Location:

  • Indiana Government Center North, Building-; 100 North Senate Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204 (at the corner of Senate and Ohio Streets).
  • Go to the East end elevators and go to the third floor. Follow arrows to Room 301.
  • Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Office is closed on state holidays.
  • Office number is (317) 233-5424.

FBI Check:

  • If an FBI check is needed for other than the National Child Protective Act (NCPA), the individual will need to contact the FBI at (304) 625-5590, or
  • The individual will need a full set of fingerprints, which can be obtained by visiting their local police agency or by calling L-1 Identity Solutions at 1-877-472-6917.


  • Private adoptions must be done by mail or by going online to and printing a copy of the full criminal history form.
  • Individual will need a full set of fingerprints and a $10.00 money order made out to the State of Indiana.

Expungement of Arrest Record:

  • The individual can look under Indiana Code 35-38-5 to find what charges can be expunged.
  • The form to petition for expungement of arrest records can be downloaded at the ICPR website
  • Petition must be verified and filed in the court in which charges were filed; if no criminal charges were filed, in a court with criminal jurisdiction in the county where the arrest occurred.

Petition Limited Access (15 years) to Record:

  • Indiana Code 35-38-5-5 covers how an individual can petition limited access to limited criminal history.
  • Individual can contact at (317) 233-8472 for additional information.

Restricted Access/Restricted Disclosure of Record:

  • Indiana Code 35-38-8 covers how an individual can petition for restricted access to conviction records.
  • Indiana Code 35-38-5-5.5 covers how an individual can petition for restricted disclosure of arrest records.
  • Individual must petition through the court where chargers were filed.

Sexual Registry:
You can find these different offenders registries on this site.

  • Indiana Sexual Offenders
  • Sexual Offenders Registry
  • FBI-Sexual Offenders

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