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What are the hours for voting?
Polling Places in Indiana are open from 6am to 6pm local time. For those counties that are now on Central time, polling locations will observe these times in central time.

What races are on the ballot?
Depending on the city or town having the election, the major political parties will nominate candidates for the following offices:

Mayors of Cities
City-County Council in Marion County
City and Town Judges
Town Clerk-Treasurer
City-Common Council members
City Clerks or City Clerk-Treasurers
Town Council members

Any local public questions placed on the ballot in accordance with state law
Where can I log on to get a list of candidates and info on them?
The Indiana Election Division and Secretary of State's Office does not collect candidate information or platforms. This is generally viewed a role of the political parties. You can view their websites at: http://www.indgop.org/ (Indiana State Republican Party), http://www.indems.org/ (Indiana State Democratic Party), and http://www.lpin.org/ (Indiana State Libertarian Party). If the information is not on their website, there will be phone numbers that allow you to call and try to track it down. Additionally, some candidates have their own campaign websites.
Is the office open for other business during voting?
State government is closed Election Day. Other than for the Primary Election, the Secretary of State's office is closed also. Federal government offices and some local government offices are open.

If i don't vote in the primary will i be allowed to vote in the general election?
Yes, even if you don't vote in this Primary Election, you are eligible to vote in the General Election on November 6th, 2007

Can firefighter, policeman or service people wear their uniforms or shirts when campaigning at the polls? What are the rules about clothing at the polls?
According to Indiana Code 3-14-1-6(a);
"A state police department employee or a police officer or firefighter (including a special duty, auxiliary, or volunteer police officer or firefighter) of a political subdivision who recklessly:
(1) solicits votes or campaign funds;
(2) challenges voters; or
(3) performs any other election related function;
while wearing any identifying insignia or article of clothing that is part of an official uniform or while on duty commits a Class A misdemeanor."

There are certain exceptions that apply, but it does not appear that electioneering is one of them.