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Resources and Contact Information


The 21st Century Scholars website is a comprehensive resource for you and your family to help you manage your scholarship.

Contact Information

Scholars helpline: 1-888-528-4719
Email address: Scholars@che.IN.gov

Learn More Indiana

Learn More Indiana has answers to your questions about planning, preparing and paying for college completion and career success.

Website: LearnMoreIndiana.org
Helpline: 1-800-992-2076
Facebook: Facebook.com/LearnMoreIN
Twitter: Twitter.com/LearnMoreIN

Local outreach coordinators

The 21st Century Scholars program has eight regional outreach coordinators throughout the state who are available to answer questions and direct Scholars to assistance. To find the coordinator in your area, visit Scholars.IN.gov/staff.

ScholarCorps members on campus

In addition to 21st Century Scholars staff members, Indiana supports AmeriCorps members on college campuses. These ScholarCorps members act as peer mentors to college freshman and sophomore 21st Century Scholars on each of their campuses, and many members are former Scholars!

ScholarCorps members can help connect you to campus resources and assistance. For a list of members on Indiana campuses, visit Scholars.IN.gov/staff.

Community partners

There may also be a community organization in your area that is a member of Learn More Indiana’s College Success Coalition, a partnership of local organizations dedicated to increasing college access and success. Visit LearnMoreIndiana.org/coalitions to connect with partner organizations in your community.

Keep your contact info updated.

It’s important that you receive notifications and updates from the 21st Century Scholars program to make sure you’re on track for completing college. Please keep the program informed of any changes to your contact information. If your email address, mailing address, phone number or other information changes, contact 21st Century Scholars at 1-888-528-4719 or Scholars@che.IN.gov.