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Balancing Work and School

For many college students — Scholars and non-Scholars alike — juggling a job and a full course load is a necessity. Balancing the demands of both work and school is not easy. If you find yourself in this situation, consider working:

Part time rather than full time. Being a full-time student is a full-time job. Can you make ends meet by working less than 20 hours per week? Working while in college helps you organize your time and stay focused, but working too much takes away from valuable study time.

On campus rather than off campus. Working at a job on campus is a great way to help you manage your working-student role. Most colleges and universities offer numerous on-campus employment and work study opportunities. For assistance finding on-campus jobs, visit your school’s student employment website or office.

It’s important to create a budget and manage your money during college. For budgeting and saving tips, visit IN.gov/cashforcollege.

Summer work opportunity for Scholars! As a 21st Century Scholar, you may be eligible for the EARN Indiana Program. This work study program provides students with financial need access to paid internships that build resumes and offer valuable experience. Visit IN.gov/sfa and look up “EARN Indiana” for more information, a list of employers and directions for how to apply.