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Jump Start Workshops


The 21st Century Scholars Program has developed a series of regionally-based Workshops for 21st Century Scholars who will be 2015 graduates. The goal of these workshops will be to provide local Scholars with essential 21st Century Scholars information in addition to general resources to jump start their path toward college and career success. 2015 Junior Scholars and their parents or guardians will be strongly encouraged to attend a regionally-based workshop in their area.

Workshops will run approximately 90 minutes and include topics, such as:

  • Meeting Senior 21st Century Scholar Program Requirements
  • Completing College Applications
  • Maintaining Scholarship Eligibility in College
  • Understanding  Financial Aid
  • Earning Dual Credit and AP Courses

This opportunity will encourage high school juniors to visit an Indiana campus, get them excited about college, and provide them with information and resources to help them achieve college and 21st Century Scholars program success.

Distribute the JumpStart Junior Workshops flyer here.