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Tristan Barnett



Q: Do you have any idea where you may want to go to college? What do you think you might study?
A: Purdue or IU. I want to study engineering or sports medicine. I want to be a sports trainer.


Q: How have you and your family started preparing for college?
A: I’ve been on college visits with my AVID class. My aunt and grandma talk to me about getting good grades and why that’s so important. We’ve opened a bank account to start saving money.


Q: How has the 21CS program helped you prepare for college?
A: It motivates me to pay for attention in class and to focus on getting good grades. I think more about what I can do to save money to pay for books but I also think about how fun college will be and how I want to make sure I get there.


Q: How has being a Scholar helped you in school?
A:I like that it takes the stress off how I’m going to pay for college. Since I’ve been in the program, I’ve matured a lot. I don’t play around in class. I’m more focused and attentive.


Q: What extracurricular activities do you participate in?
A: I am a varsity wrestler and I also am on the track team.




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