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Samantha Swinney


Q: Do you have any idea where you may want to go to college? What do you think you might study?
A: In state, Butler University. Out of state, UCLA. I want to work in the medical field as an anesthesiologist or as a doctor caring for kids who have cancer.


Q: How have you and your family started preparing for college?
A: My mom keeps me motivated and encourages me to do my homework. She also talks to me about reasons to go to college. She tells me if I go to college, I can be whatever I want. I’m in AVID, and we’ve been on tours of Butler University, Marian University and IU.


Q: How has the 21CS program helped you prepare for college?
A: It makes me want to get better grades because of the GPA requirements. This program also motivates me to stay out of trouble so I am making sure I do what I’m supposed to do.


Q: How has being a Scholar helped you in school?
A:I am constantly monitoring my grades and making sure all of my assignments are done. I didn’t do that before. I realize that if I want a better future, I have to work for it.  Nothing’s going to be handed to me. I’ve re-focused on my education.


Q: What extracurricular activities do you participate in?
A: Color guard/winter guard.


Q: Do you have a graduation plan that you worked with your school counselor to create?

A: No.


Q: What’s the biggest benefit of being a 21st Century Scholar?

A: It’s free college. That’s the biggest benefit. This is helping me get into college and I know I have a way to pay for it.




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