Complete your understanding of the 21st Century Scholars Program with the detailed questions and answers below. Answers to more specific questions are always available by calling the Student Support Center at 1-888-528-4719 or by emailing

1. I applied to the 21st Century Scholars Program. When will I be notified of my status within the Program?

You will receive electronic or written confirmation of your enrollment status within the program within 30 days of the completion and submission of your enrollment application.

2. Are there any events or activities that I am required to attend as a middle school student enrolled in the 21st Century Scholars Program?

Beginning with the high school graduating class of 2017, Scholars are required to complete the Scholar Success Program during high school. However, during middle school, there will be various activities and events offered to middle school students enrolled in the Program that are strongly encouraged.

3. I am enrolled in the 21st Century Scholars Program and will be repeating a grade or will be skipping a grade. Do I need to inform the Program of the change in my grade level?

Yes, changes in a student's grade level need to be reported to the 21st Century Scholars program by the school guidance counselor or other approved school personnel from the school the student attends.

4. I believe I may have broken the Scholar Pledge. Is it my responsibility to report this potential pledge violation to the Program?

Yes. It is the responsibility of a Scholar and his or her parent to report pledge violations to the program as soon as they become aware of the violation.

Pledge violations should be reported to:

Student Support Center
101 West Ohio Street, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Reports should include the full name of the Scholar, a description of the violation and an original signature and contact information of the person making the report.

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