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Complete your understanding of the 21st Century Scholars Program with the detailed questions and answers below. Answers to more specific questions are always available by calling the Scholars Helpline at 1-888-528-4719 or by emailing Scholars@che.IN.gov.

1. How do I update my contact information with the 21st Century Scholars Program?

Scholars can update their contact information online.

2. Why is it important that I keep the 21st Century Scholars Program informed of any changes to my contact information?

One of the most important parts of becoming a 21st Century Scholar is maintaining communication with the 21st Century Scholars program. Keep the Scholars Program aware of changes to your contact information so that you do not miss crucial notifications of program requirements or opportunities throughout middle and high school. Notifications help students fulfill the Scholar Success Program and participate in opportunities that will help them prepare for college completion and career success.

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