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Paying for College 101

The Paying for College 101 video covers the following topics:

  • Why college is important and how to pay for it
  • Understanding your 21st Century Scholarship (what it pays for and what it doesn’t)
  • Your financial aid options and how to file for financial aid
  • Tips and helpful resources

As a 21st Century Scholar, it is also important for you to understand:

  • What requirements to earn your award
  • What you must do to continue receiving your scholarship once you’re in college
  • What the scholarship does and does not cover, and how to prepare to cover the additional costs

The video takes about 25 minutes to complete and can be found at www.scholars.in.gov/payingforcollege . If you do not have Internet access at home, reserve a computer at school, a public library, or a friend’s house. Talk to your school counselor, parent or teachers for help finding a computer with Internet access.

The more you learn now, as a freshman, about the reality of paying for college, the better equipped you will be to start searching for scholarships as a junior and navigating the financial aid process as a senior. Now is also the time to learn how to manage and save your money. Developing good spending habits, creating a budget, and saving money in a bank account will help you now and throughout your life.