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Transition to College

Schools and community organizations play an important role in helping Scholars meet their Scholarship requirements, graduate from high school and guide their transition to college.

To qualify for their 21st Century Scholarship, Scholars must submit an affirmation form by March 10 of their senior year of high school. The affirmation confirms that students have fulfilled all the requirements of the Scholar Pledge, including completing the Scholar Success Program, filing the FAFSA by March 10 and applying to an eligible Indiana college.

Complete the Senior Affirmation Form
Scholars’ affirmation forms may be completed and submitted online or returned via mail by March 10 of the student’s senior year of high school.

Scholars who miss the March 10 deadline may submit an appeal if they believe they have special circumstances.

Host a Scholar Celebration Event
Local schools and communities are encouraged to host Scholar Celebration events that congratulate Scholars for graduating from high school and provide important information designed to help Scholars transition successfully to college. Schools and community organizations may create these events for Scholars using the resources provided by the Scholars program.

Scholars who are unable to attend a Scholar Celebration event can view the senior affirmation form online and verify that they understand the information.