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Applications to the 21st Century Scholars Program must be submitted online. Scholars may enroll in either the 7th or 8th grade, but no later than June 30 of their 8th grade year. Scholar students and families are strongly encouraged to print and save a copy of the online confirmation page that verifies their application has been submitted successfully.

Though all Scholar applications must be submitted online, an application worksheet has been developed to assist school counselors and community-based partner organizations with enrolling students who have limited Internet access or face other special circumstances.

Using the Scholar Application Worksheet

If student(s) are not able to enroll with a parent or legal guardian using the application worksheet, schools or community-based partner organizations may use the application worksheet to collect information from the student’s family. After collecting the information, the school or organization must complete the online application on behalf of the student. Note that application worksheets must be destroyed after the application has been submitted online to ensure student privacy is protected.

Checking a Scholar’s Status

School counselors, Scholar families, and community partners can check whether a student’s application has been accepted. School counselors can also access the Scholar Enrollment and Affirmation System (SEAS) to access confidential information about Scholars for the purpose of conducting business related to the 21st Century Scholars Program. 

Updating a Scholar’s Information

Schools and organizations that enroll 21st Century Scholars may also be responsible for updating Scholars’ contact information or submitting senior affirmation forms. Read more about performing these tasks on behalf of a student.