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Indiana school counselors are essential partners for the 21st Century Scholar Program. School counselors play a vital role in recruiting eligible 21st Century Scholars, informing them of expectations, and connecting them to ongoing support and helpful resources.

Counselor Connections

Counselor associations and other organizations in Indiana help counselors learn about best practices and network with other education professionals across the state. Click below to learn more about connecting with counselors in your area and  supporting 21st Century Scholars as they plan, prepare and pay for college.

Counselors Resources & Support

  • Enroll a Scholar: Counselors who wish to enroll a student in the 21st Century Scholars program can learn more about eligibility and the enrollment process.
  • Update a Scholar’s Information: Counselors can update a student’s contact information or submit senior affirmation forms.
  • Help Scholars Transition to College: Counselors help students complete the senior affirmation process and ensure that Scholars receive the 21st Century Scholarship.
  • Access Counselor Resources: The 21st Century Scholars Program offers a library of resources to help school counselors with the important work of enrolling and supporting Scholars in schools. Check out our counselor resources for helpful online links and updates.

Looking for something else?

The 21st Century Scholars FAQs are always good place to start with questions about the Program. If you’re looking for promotional materials, view our print resources.