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Malik KnightCareer goal: Architect

Education completed: Sophomore at Southport High School
Education goal: Master’s degree in Architecture

For Malik Knight, the 21st Century Scholarship is an impetus to excel in his high school classes.

“It means more opportunities to be successful and get into a good college,” Malik said of the program. Because the 21st Century Scholarship means he can go to college, Malik is conscientious about doing well in school now.

He’s pushing himself to do well in engineering and math classes so he can pursue a college degree in architecture. Malik’s school, Southport High School, offers a class on 3-D computer modeling, an ideal skill for a future architect. Malik is considering Ball State University for its architecture program, although he hasn’t ruled out engineering as a possible major.

In addition to academics, Malik is heavily involved in his school’s bowling team. Although this is his first full year with the team, Malik has already built friendships with his teammates. The team has had a successful season, and Malik is hoping he will be able to play on a bowling team in college, too.

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