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Eligible Colleges

The following list of eligible public, private and proprietary colleges includes general contact information for each campus. Additional information about financial aid incentives and special programs for 21st Century Scholars at each campus is available on the Scholar Incentives page.

Eligible Indiana Colleges: 21st Century Scholars Program
Title IV Code College (with link to homepage) Admissions Office Financial Aid Office Other
001786 Ball State University Email: askus@bsu.edu
Phone: 800.482.4278
Email: finaid@bsu.edu
Phone: 765.285.3716
Dean of University College
Marilyn Buck, 765-285-3716

Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Chris Muchel, 765-285-8287
001807 Indiana State University Email: admissions@indstate.edu
Phone: 812.237.2121
Email: ISU-finaid@mail.indstate.edu
Phone: 812.237.2215
Academic contact for Scholars
Michelle Fowler-Sands, michellefowler-sands@indstate.edu or 812.237.8475

Coordinator of 21st Century Scholar Corps
Jack Schroeder, Jack.Schroeder@indstate.edu or 812.237.4389

Meis Student Development Center Director
Kimberly La Grange, mailto:Kimberly.LaGrange@indstate.edu
001809 Indiana University-Bloomington Email: iuadmit@indiana.edu
Phone: 812-855-5102
Phone: 812-855-4357 Director of 21st Century Scholars
Vincent Isom, visom@indiana.edu or 812-856-1910

Director of First Year Experience Programs
Jack Rhodes, jcrhodes@indiana.edu
E01033 Indiana University/Purdue University-Columbus (IUPUC) Email: admissions@iupuc.edu
Phone: 812-348-7390
Email: financialaid@iupuc.edu
Phone: 812-348-7231
Financial Aid Coordinator
Jennifer Perry, jenchand@iupuc.edu, or 812-348-7390

Director, Office of Admissions
Suzan Blizard, 812-348-7255
001811 Indiana University-East Email: applynow@iue.edu
Phone: 765-973-8208 or toll free at 800-959-EAST
Email: eaosfa@iue.edu
Phone: 800-959-EAST
Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Sarah Soper, saeaton@iue.edu or 765-973-8231

Director of Admissions
Molly Vanderpool, moberry@iue.edu or 765-973-8415

New Student Counselor
Angie Schultz, napieran@iue.edu or 765-973-8282
001828 Indiana University/Purdue University-Fort Wayne (IPFW) Email: ask@ipfw.edu
Phone: 260-481-6812
Email: finaid@ipfw.edu
Phone: 260-481-4159
Interim Director of Financial Aid
Gerald Curd, curdg@ipfw.edu or 260-481-6243

Director of the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
Kenneth Christmon, christmk@ipfw.edu or 260-481-6505
001813 Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis (IUPUI) Email: apply@iupui.edu
Phone: 317-274-4591
Email: finaid@iupui.edu
Phone: 317-274-4162
21st Century Scholars Success Program Coordinator
Phyllis Washington, phwashin@iupui.edu or 317-274-5973

Executive Director of Orientation and Student Success
Andrea Engler, 765-269-5297
001814 Indiana University-Kokomo Email: iuadmis@iuk.edu
Phone: 765-455-9217
Email: finaidko@iuk.edu
Phone: 765-455-9216
Director of Financial Aid 
Karen Shaw, 765-455-9533

Office of Academic Affairs for Students Success and Advising tmbass@iuk.edu or 765-455-9309
001815 Indiana University-Northwest Phone: 888-968-7486 Email: finaidnw@iun.edu
Phone: 219-980-6778
Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Harold Burtley, mailto:hburtley@iun.eduor 219-980-6778

Director of Admissions
Linda Templeton, 219-980-6767
001816 Indiana University-South Bend Email: admissions@iusb.edu
Phone: 574-520-4357
Email: sbfinaid@iusb.edu
Phone: 574-520-4357
21st Century Scholars Contact
Michelle Hairston, micastan@iusb.edu or 574-520-4479

Admissions Director
Connie Peterson-Miller, copmille@iusb.edu or 574-520-4834
001817 Indiana University-Southeast Email: admissions@ius.edu
Phone: 812-941-2212
Email: financialaid@ius.edu
Phone: 812-941-2246
Director of Financial Aid
Brittany Hubbard, bchubbar@ius.edu or 812-941-2246

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Director of Admissions
Anne M. Skuce, askuce@ius.edu or 812-941-2212
009917 Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana-All Campuses Varies by campus. Visit IvyTech.edu. Varies by campus. Visit IvyTech.edu.
001827 Purdue University-Calumet Email: adms@purduecal.edu
Phone: 219-989-2213
Email: finaid2@purduecal.edu
Phone: 219-989-2301
New Student Orientation
orientation@purduecal.edu or 219-989-2358
001826 Purdue University-North Central Email: admissions@pnc.edu
Phone: 219-785-5460
Email: finaid@pnc.edu
Phone: 219-785-5460
Director of Admissions
Janice Whisler, jwhisler@pnc.edu or 219-785-5415

Director of Enrollment Management
Carol Kurmis, ckurmis@pnc.edu or 219-548-3678
001825 Purdue University-West Lafayette Email: admissions@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-1776
Email: FAcontact@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-5050
Senior Assistant Director & Coordinator of Purdue Promise
Michelle Ashcraft, mashcraf@purdue.edu or 765-494-6357
001808 University of Southern Indiana Email: enroll@usi.edu
Phone: 800-467-1965
Phone: 812-461-1965 Assistant Vice President for Academic Success Instructor in University Division 
Brody Broshears, mbroshears@usi.edu or 812-465-7097

Director of Admissions
Eric Otto, eottoo@usi.edu or 812-467-1965

Office of Student Development Programs
Phone: 812-465-7167
001843 Vincennes University Email: vuadmit@vinu.edu
Phone: 800-742-9198
Email: fa@vinu.edu
Phone: 812-888-4361
21st Century Scholars Program Contact
Rick Coleman, rcoleman@vinu.edu or 812-888-4280

Coordinator of Summer Bridge Program
Hope Clausman, hclausman@vinu.edu or 812-888-4149
Private (Non-Profit) Indiana Colleges
Title IV Code College (with link to homepage) Admissions Office Financial Aid Office Other
001784 Ancilla College Email: admissions@ancilla.edu
Phone: 574-936-8898
Interim Director of Admissions
Eric Wignall, eric.wignall@ancilla.edu

Director of The Center for Student Achievement and The Student Achievement Lab
Jim Cathon, jim.cawthon@ancilla.edu or 574-936-8898, ext. 350
001785 Anderson University Email: info@anderson.edu
Phone: 765-641-4080
Email: SFS@anderson.edu
Phone: 765-641-4180
Director of Admissions
Joe Davis, jmdavis@anderson.edu or 765-641-4076

Director of Financial Services
Kenneth Niemen, kfnieman@anderson.edu

Visit Coordinator
Janessa Denniston, jldenniston@anderson.edu
001787 Bethel College Email: admissions@bethelcollege.edu
Phone: 574-257-3316
Email: finaid@bethelcollege.edu
Phone: 574-257-3316
Director of Financial Aid
Guy A. Fisher, fisherg@bethelcollege.edu or 574-257-3317

Student Development/Housing
studentlife@bethelcollege.edu or 574-257-3304
001788 Butler University Email: admission@butler.edu
Phone: 317-940-8100
Email: finaid@butler.edu
Phone: 317-940-8200
Dean of Admissions
Scott Ham, sdham@butler.edu or 1-888-940-8100

Program Coordinator Office of Financial Aid
Julie Allen, finaid@butler.edu, 317-940-8200
001834 Calumet College of Saint Joseph Email: admissions@ccsj.edu
Phone: 219-473-4215
Phone: 219-473-4215 Student Support Services
studentserv@ccsj.edu or 219-473-4352
034567 Crossroads Bible College Phone: 317-789-8270 Phone: 317-789-8250
001792 DePauw University Email: admission@depauw.edu
Phone: 800-447-2495
Email: financialaid@depauw.edu
Phone: 765-658-4030
Director of Financial Aid
Craig Slaughter, craigslaughter@depauw.edu or 765-658-4030

Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid
Dan Myers, danmeyer@depauw.edu or 765-658-4108

Coordinator for Academic Success and Student Disability Services
Pamela K. Roberts, pamelaroberts@depauw.edu
001793 Earlham College Email: admissions@earlham.edu
Phone: 765-983-1600
Email: finaid@earlham.edu
Phone: 765-983-1299
Director of Admissions
Nancy Sinex, nancys@earlham.edu or 765-983-1595

Director of Admissions Events and Campus Visits
Tamika Bynum, bynumta@earlham.edu or 765-983-1585
001798 Franklin College Email: admissions@franklincollege.edu
Phone: 317-738-8062

Email: admissions@franklincollege.edu
Phone: 317-738-8062

Email: finaid@franklincollege.edu
Phone: 1-800-0232 ext. 8075
21st Century Scholars Contact
Christina Lucas, clucas@franklincollege.edu or 317-738-8074

Director of Financial Aid
Elizabeth Sappenfield, esappenfield@franklincollege.edu or 317-738-8074

Associate Director of Admissions
Jennifer Bostrom, jbostrom@franklincollege.edu or 317-738-8074
001799 Goshen College Email: admission@goshen.edu
Phone: 574-535-7535
Email: finaid@goshen.edu
Phone: 574-535-7525
21st Century Scholars Contact
Liliana Ballge, lilianb@goshen.edu or 574-535-7062

Director of Admission
Dan Koop Liechty, PH. D, dankl@goshen.edu or 574-535-7535

Director of Student Financial Aid
Judy More, judysm@goshen.edu
001800 Grace College Email: admissions@grace.edu
Phone: 866-974-7223
Email: FinancialAid@grace.edu
Phone: 800-544-7223, ext. 6162
Director of Financial Aid
Charlotte Saunders, charlotte.saunders@grace.edu or 574-372-5100

Director of Admissions
Mark Pohl, mark.pohl@grace.edu

Dean of Enrollment Management
Cindy Sisson, 800-544-7223 x 6397
001801 Hanover College Email: admission@hanover.edu
Phone: 800-213-2178
Email: finaid@hanover.edu
Phone: 800-213-2178
Dean of Admission
Christopher Gage, gage@hanover.edu or 812-866-7028

Director of Financial Aid
Richard Nash, nash@hanover.edu or 812-866-7029
007263 Holy Cross College Email: admissions@hcc-nd.edu
Phone: 574-239-8400
Email: financialaid@hcc-nd.edu
Phone: 574-239-8400
College Success Program Director/Academic Advisor
Christy Thompson, cthompson@hcc-nd.edu or 574-239-8336
001803 Huntington University Email: admissions@huntington.edu
Phone: 800-642-6493
Email: admissions@huntington.edu
Phone: 800-642-6493
Financial Aid Secretary
Deb James, djames@huntington.edu or 260-359-4326
001805 Indiana Institute of Technology (Fort Wayne/Indianapolis/South Bend) See website for information for your campus. See website for information for your campus.
001822 Indiana Wesleyan University Phone: 866-GO-TO-IWU Email: finaid@indwes.edu
Phone: 765-667-2116
Director of Admissions
Daniel Solms, Daniel.solms@indwes.edu or 1-866-GO-TO-IWU

Director of Financial Aid
Ms. Gaytha Holloway, gaytha.holloway@indwes.edu or 765-677-2116
001820 Manchester University Email: admitinfo@manchester.edu
Phone: 800-852-3648
Phone: 260-982-5066 Director of Admissions
Adam Hohman, arhohman@manchester.edu

Director of Student Financial Services
Ms. Sherri Shockey, sfs@manchester.edu or 260-982-5066
001821 Marian University Email: admissions@marian.edu
Phone: 317-955-6300
Email: finaid@marian.edu
Phone: 317-955-6040
Director of 21st Century Scholars Program
Jesse McClung, jmcclung@marian.edu

Director of Freshman Admission
Luann Brames, lbrames@marian.edu or 317-955-6306
014975 Martin University Email: admissions@martin.edu
Phone: 317-543-3243
Phone: 317-917-3356
001824 Oakland City University Email: ocuadmit@oak.edu
Phone: 800-737-5125
Email: finaid@oak.edu
Phone: 812-749-1224
001830 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Email: admissions@rose-hulman.edu
Phone: 800-248-7448
Phone: 812-877-8892 Director of Admissions
Lias Norton, lisa.norton@rose-hulman.edu or 800-248-7448

Director of Financial Aid
Melinda Middleton, Melinda.middleton@rose-hulman.edu or 812-877-8672
001833 Saint Joseph's College Email: admissions@saintjoe.edu
Phone: 219-866-6170
Email: financialaid@saintjoe.edu
Phone: 219-866-6146

Director of Student Financial Services
Deb Sizemore, Debbie@saintjoe.edu or 219-866-6146

Joanna Salinas, 21st Century Scholars Coordinator
(219) 866-6256

001835 Saint Mary-of-The-Woods College Email: smwcadms@smwc.edu
Phone: 1-800-926-7692
Email: finaid@smwc.edu
Phone: 812-535-5100
Director of Financial Aid
Darla Hopper, dhopper@smwc.edu or 812-535-5100

Office Manager for Enrollment Management Hila Cheesman, hcheesman@smwc.edu or 812-535-5106
001836 Saint Mary's College Email: admission@stmarys.edu
Phone: 574-284-4557
Email: finaid@saintmarys.edu
Phone: 574-284-4557
001838 Taylor University-Upland Email: admissions@taylor.edu
Phone: 800-882-3456
Email: finaid@taylor.edu
Phone: 765-998-5358
001839 Trine University-Angola/Fort Wayne/South Bend Email: admit@trine.edu
Phone: 800-347-4878
Email: finaid@trine.edu
Phone: 800-882-3456
001795 University of Evansville Email: admission@evansville.edu
Phone: 800-423-8633
Email: financialaid@evansville.edu
Phone: 912-488-2364
Dean of Admissions
Donald Vos, Dv9@evansville.edu or 812-488-2624

Special Events Coordinator
Kimberly Anthony, ka55@evansville.edu or 812-488-3140

Financial Aid Counselor
Angie Dawson, ad5@evansville.edu or 812-488-2364
001804 University of Indianapolis Phone: 317-788-3216 Email: financialaid@uindy.edu
Phone: 317-788-3216
Director of Bridge Scholars Program
Dr. May Busch, busch@uindy.edu or 317-788-3216
001840 University of Notre Dame Email: admissions@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-7505
Email: finaid@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-6436
Student Service Representative in Financial Aid
Roseanne Molenda, rmolenda@nd.edu or 574-631-6436

Director of Admissions
Bob Mundy, Mundy.1@nd.edu
001832 University of Saint Francis Email: admis@sf.edu
Phone: 800-729-4732
Email: finaid@sf.edu
Phone: 260-399-8003
Director of Admissions
Dr. Doug Barcalow, dbarcalow@sf.edu or 260-399-7700, ext. 8400

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
JP Spagnola, jspagnolo@sf.edu or 260-399-9000
001842 Valparaiso University Email: undergrad.admissions@valpo.edu
Phone: 219-464-5011
Email: finaid@valpo.edu
Phone: 219-464-5015
001844 Wabash College Email: admissions@wabash.edu
Phone: 765-361-6225
Email: financialaid@wabash.edu
Phone: 1-800-718-9746
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Steven Klein, kleins@wabash.edu

Director of Financial Aid
Clint Gasaway, 765-361-6375
033394 WGU Indiana
Proprietary (For-Profit) Indiana Colleges
Title IV Code College (with link to homepage) Admissions Office Financial Aid Office Other
E01224 Art Institute of Indianapolis, The Phone: 317.613.4800
031763 Aviation Institute of Maintenance Phone: 317-243-4519
E01445 Brown Mackie College-Ft. Wayne Phone: 260.484.4400
E01389 Brown Mackie College-Indianapolis Phone: 317.554.8300
014607 Brown Mackie College-Merrillville Phone: 219.769.3321
E01412 Brown Mackie College-Michigan City Phone: 219.877.3100
004583 Brown Mackie College-South Bend Phone: 574.237.0774
E02182 Chamberlain College of Nursing Phone: 877.751.5783
015227 Harrison College-Anderson Phone: 317.644.7514
015226 Harrison College-Columbus Phone: 812.342.1000
E01294 Harrison College-Elkhart Phone: 574.522.0937
E00778 Harrison College-Evansville Phone: 812.476.6000
E00931 Harrison College-Fort Wayne Phone: 260-471-7667
015218 Harrison College-Indianapolis Phone: 260.471.7667
E00777 Harrison College-- Indpls East Phone: 317.264.5656
015224 Harrison College-Lafayette Phone: 765.447.9550
015223 Harrison College-Marion Phone: 317-447-6000
015222 Harrison College-Muncie Phone: 756.288.8681
E01209 Harrison College-Indpls Northwest Phone: 317.873.6500
015220 Harrison College-Terre Haute Phone: 812.232.4458
014207 International Business College-Fort Wayne Phone: 260-459-4500
E00664 International Business College-Indianapolis Phone: 317.813.2301
008329 ITT Technical Institute-Fort Wayne Phone: 260.497.6200
007329 ITT Technical Institute-Indianapolis Phone: 317.875.8640
007327 ITT Technical Institute-Newburgh Phone: 812.858.1600
E01100 Kaplan College-Hammond (formerly Sawyer College-Hammond) Phone: 219.844.0100
015564 Kaplan College-Merrillville (formerly Sawyer College-Merrillville) Phone: 219-947-8400
007938 Lincoln College of Technology Phone: 317.851.3200
E01506 MedTech College-Ft. Wayne Phone: 317.845.0300
E01386 MedTech College-Greenwood Phone: 317.534.0322
007362 MedTech College-Indianapolis Phone: 317.845.0100
006257 Saint Elizabeth's School of Nursing Phone: 765-423-6400 Phone: 765-423-6340