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The Scholar Success Program

Indiana wants to make sure that 21st Century Scholars receive the support they need to plan, prepare and pay for education beyond high school. The Scholar Success Program is designed to guide students every step of the way with practical activities at each grade level. 

The Scholar Success Program ensures students understand and complete specific steps that keep them on track to graduate from high school and complete college. These clear expectations for each grade level guide students as they plan their path to high school graduation and beyond, prepare with the skills needed to be college-ready and understand what it takes to pay for college and graduate with minimal debt. 

Beginning with the Class of 2017, Scholars will be able to complete the specific steps for their grade level and track their progress using the new ScholarTrack Portal.

Scholar Success Program

The chart below shows all 12 requirements that Scholars must complete during high school to receive their 21st Century Scholarship. In addition to completing these requirements, Scholars are required to PERFORM Academically. Scholars must graduate from high school with a Core 40 diploma and a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Scholars are also highly encouraged to pursue a Core 40 diploma with Academic Honors or Technical Honors to increase their level of academic preparation and to provide them with the widest range of options after high school graduation.

  1. Graduation Plan should be updated annually to keep student on track for high school graduation and college admission.
  2. Career Interest Assessment can be completed online via the Indiana Career Explorer at LearnMoreIndiana.org/Careers.
  3. Workplace Experience includes job-shadowing, internship, part-time employment or related career-focused experience.
  4. College Entrance Exam includes the ACT and/or SAT.
  5. College Costs Estimator can be completed online via the Indiana College Costs Estimator at LearnMoreIndiana.org/Costs.
  6. Scholarship Search can include any additional scholarship opportunity beyond the 21st Century Scholarship for which student is eligible.
  7. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be submitted by March 10th of the student’s senior year of high school.
  8. College Success 101 and Paying for College 101 learning modules can be completed online at LearnMoreIndiana.org/Scholars (beginning fall 2013).

Please check back soon for updates on the Scholar Success Program and related resources!