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Perform Academically

21st Century Scholars are always expected to give academic pursuits their best efforts—both while they’re preparing for college by meeting high school requirements, and when they have enrolled in college courses. Read on for more information about 21st Century Scholar requirements for college students, and for tips on meeting your personal academic goals.


21st Century Scholars must complete at least 30 credits each academic year—beginning with students first entering college during the 2013-2014 academic yearin order to receive the full scholarship award. The full award covers 100% of tuition and mandatory fees at Indiana public colleges.

Completing at least 30 college credits each academic year is the best way to stay on track to graduate on time. Scholars who complete fewer credits may be eligible for a reduced scholarship award (about 35% of the amount you would have received by earning the full award). The number of credits completed will be evaluated at the end of each academic year, which typically includes fall, spring, and summer terms at traditional-semester colleges.

The table below shows how the number of credits completed each year relates to the award amount Scholars would be eligible to receive at an Indiana four-year public college the following year.

In addition to the credit completion requirements, students must earn Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as determined by their institutions. SAP usually includes a minimum grade point average (GPA) per semester, as well as a limit on incomplete and withdrawals from courses. Students with questions about their SAP status should contact their college’s financial aid office.

All students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by Indiana’s March 10 deadline to receive the Scholarship and any other financial aid from the State of Indiana.


Please refer to our frequently asked questions, or contact us, if you have questions about the 21st Century Scholars Program. You can also find information about filing an appeal if you were denied the Scholarship.