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Plan, Prepare and Pay for College Completion and Career Success

21st Century Scholars receive the support they need in college to successfully plan, prepare and pay to complete college and earn a valuable degree. Scholars are also expected to perform academically to meet Program requirements and earn the 21st Century Scholarship each semester.


Succeeding in college takes work! Read up on the 21st Century Scholars Program to make sure your college plan matches with Program requirements and will help you complete college on time.

Eligible Colleges

The first step is making sure that you apply to and are accepted to an eligible college. You must enroll within one year after your high school graduation.

Senior Affirmation Process

High school seniors also must complete the Senior Promise by affirming their status as a 21st Century Scholar. Read more about the Senior Promise.

Transferring Between Colleges

Starting at a community college or regional campus is a great way to save money. Double check that both the institution at which you begin college and the one where you plan to earn your degree are eligible colleges for the 21st Century Scholars Program.

Grades & Course Completion

The 21st Century Scholars Program includes specific requirements for your grades and full-time student status. Read more about performing academically.

Studying Abroad

If a 21st Century Scholar chooses to study abroad he or she still may be able to receive the Scholarship. Scholars should speak to the financial aid office of their college before committing to any study abroad program. The 21st Century Scholars program will only pay for study abroad programs that are paid through the school’s financial aid office at the normal tuition and fee rate. If a Scholar does not use his or her 21st Century Scholarship while studying abroad, the Scholarship will remain active as long as the student files the FAFSA each year. The Scholarship will then be available to this student when he or she resumes normal studies at the college.

Other Questions

Browse our FAQs for answers to common questions. If your situation isn’t addressed, contact the 21st Century Scholars office at 21stScholars@sfa.che.in.gov or 1-888-528-4719.


To help Scholars stay on the path to success, the 21st Century Scholars Program is in the process of creating a Scholar Success Program for college students. The Scholar Success Program will include mandatory online learning modules for students each year of college to ensure that they understand the basic requirements to succeed academically and complete college on time. Check back soon for more updates on the Scholar Success Program.


Each year you will be enrolled in college, you must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by Indiana’s March 10 financial aid deadline and correct any edits by Indiana’s May 15 corrections deadline. The easiest way to file the FAFSA is online at FAFSA.gov. Find more help filing the FAFSA and searching for additional scholarships at CashforCollegeIndiana.org, Learn More Indiana’s annual campaign focusing on paying for college.

For more questions about paying for college with the 21st Century Scholarship, please browse our FAQs.